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  • Best friends day…

    For the big collection of you sitting one day away from best friends with me: my plan is to send gifts on the Pogo Fest, running eggs while I am online. I will watch for people to come online.

    If you have 2 days with me, I will open your gift on the first day and egg up as soon as I login on the second day.

    I’m on Pacific time..

  • Shiny kitty
  • 100% Machop
  • Wool wool wooper!

    I have an unsubstantiated feeling that the first Pokémon of the day has a higher chance of beint shiny 😁

  • My first Thundurus…
  • Shiny Nosepass

    First Nosepass to spawn. Search complete! 🤣

  • Shiny list

    I’ve cut out some where I have lots of the same…

  • Shiny Day!

    Two shinies… one to start the day and one to end.